SunSpark Labs was founded on the recognition that the mobile world (including slates) represents a profound transformation of the computing and communication experience. Downloadable, lightweight apps with a lightweight user experience are quickly becoming the norm, and people with smartphones and slates are now packing a camera, motion sensor, GPS locator, Internet connection, and powerful CPU everywhere they go. As an industry, we’re only beginning to tap the potential of this new world.

We’re excited to capitalize on all that these amazing mobile devices can do and we hope our experience from the game industry gives us a unique design and technical perspective to deliver innovative, surprising apps that people love to share and that simply couldn’t be done before. So have fun and let us know how we’re doing!

– Mike and Kelly

Mike Dussault, cofounder

Mike is a senior designer and developer who worked 10 years at Valve and wrote his first commercially successful game engine at 19. After joining Valve in 2000, Mike contributed to many of Valve’s major products, with special focus on network architecture, special effects, and graphics. As part of this work, he created a distributed computing system that tied all of the office computers into one big supercomputer for lighting and visibility computations. He also worked to foster the mod scene and shipped the Half Life 2 SDK for mod developers. Before joining Valve, Mike worked at Monolith where he built the Lithtech 1 and 2 game engines, which shipped in more than 65 games, including Monolith’s own NOLF series as well as Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. In his spare time, Mike likes to travel to untouristy places like the Tanzania interior and Pakistan, learn Urdu, and devour science fiction. He’s also trying to beat Gandhi’s one-day walking record of 55 miles and so far has made it to mile 47.

Kelly Bailey – cofounder

Kelly Bailey is a game designer, developer, composer and sound effects engineer. Before starting Sunspark Labs LLC, Kelly spent 13 years at Valve, which is often cited as one of the most successful game companies of all time. Though Kelly worked on many aspects of the original Half-Life – a game that won more than 50 Game of the Year Awards and three times was named the Best PC Game of All Time – he is probably best known for having created all of the music and sound effects for Half Life 1 and 2, a contribution for which he won an industry-wide special achievement award. Kelly also wrote Valve’s DSP audio engine, acted as senior game designer on the Half-Life Series and wrote and performed music for the first version of Portal. Prior to joining Valve, Kelly worked at Microsoft where his titles included developer, senior development manager, and product unit manager. When Kelly first moved to the Seattle area, his only piece of living room furniture was a couch-sized flight simulator designed and built with his then roommate Mike Harrington, who later cofounded Valve.