Best USB 3.0 Docking Station Buying Guide

Docking stations always come in handy when you need more power, connectivity, and storage. These are the things your normal cloud storage can’t handle. Now, the USB 2.0 days are gone, and the docking stations have been upgraded to USB 3.0. So, you can save a lot of time now with faster transfer rates. Choosing

Best Laptops For Music Production 2017

People used to do their music only in studios using various instruments. Those days are long gone. In the modern age, it only takes a laptop to make a brilliant song that can hit the charts. However, not any machine can be picked to do this job. We will highlight on the requirements for such

Spammer Desperately Tries to Undermine Blue Security

In what appears to be a last-ditch attempt at scaring subscribers to Blue Security’s “Do Not Intrude” registry, one very prominent spammer has started to resort to scare-tactics targeted toward members of the Blue Security community. I received one of these emails today, and while it sounds forboding it is, as one Blue Security community